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ALTA Surveys
ALTA/ACSM Land Surveys are required by most lenders, title insurers, attorneys and buyers of commercial real estate. ALTA surveys show the surveyor's findings about the property boundaries, easements, encroachments, improvements and utilities within the property. ALTA surveys also provide information regarding zoning and flood zone designation of the property. The higher level of detail in an ALTA/ACSM Land Survey is ideal for companies or corporations involved in expansion, acquisitions and refinancing. The following ALTA Survey Standards are used for all commercial property that requires a survey before being sold, purchased or re-financed. The acronym stands for American Land Title Association. They have outlined the following requirements and also provide additional options (Table "A") for these type of surveys. ALTA/ACSM Standards DOWNLOAD (pdf)
Wireless Site / Cellular Towers
Wireless site surveys and cellular tower surveys can be complex and involve multiple sites. LMS Surveying provides consistent, detailed wireless site surveys and cellular tower surveys to our customers. We have completed wireless site surveys and cellular tower surveys for nearly all of the major wireless companies and many architectural and engineering firms serving the industry.
Commercial Development
This survey will locate any existing property corner monuments and replace any that are missing. Also a footprint of any buildings will be shown on the property. The primary purpose of a boundary survey is to determine where the property lines are.
Ground Control Surveys for Aerial Photography
Precise location, both for horizontal position and elevation of points, for use in mapping of aerial photographs, construction staking, environmental monitoring, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
Residential or Commercial Elevation Certificate
An Elevation Certificate is typically required by an Insurance Company. When a property is deemed to be in a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) or NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) Flood Zone, the Insurance Company requires an Elevation Certificate to see if the actual Finished Floor of the structure is above the flood zone although the rest of the property may not be. These Certifications are very valuable in obtaining Flood Insurance for properties that are in or near a flood zone.
Lot Split / Subdivision
Are needed when you may need to divide an existing parcel of land into two or more parcels. All surveys for lot splits include a plat of the new parcels and the required legal description to record the split. It is important to note the size of the original parcel as well as the size of the proposed new parcel(s) in the comments section of the request form in order to receive accurate quotes.
Site Plan / Plot Plan Surveys
This is commonly used for planning and a general over look of what is located on a property. Included in this we will locate all corners of the property that exist but will not replace missing corners. This will allow us to keep the cost down on a survey when someone needs there house located for planning or building permits but does not want to have a full Plat of Survey performed. Along with this we locate all pavement, concrete, fences, sheds and any other features that an owner would like to see in relation to their property lines.

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